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Water Treatment Services for Atlantic Canada

Service Tech

You want to be sure your water treatment facility is providing the cleanest and safest drinking water to your clients — the residents of your town or city. You also want to know that your supplier of water treatment equipment will be available and able to help long after the sale is made. King Process Technology Inc. is committed to installing the best products available, and with our Onsite Warranty, we guarantee your installation — that is our service promise.

Sales, Installations & Repairs

For clients throughout Atlantic Canada, King Process Technology Inc. is able to provide the following sales, installations, and repairs:

  • Self-Cleaning Screen Filters and Strainers
  • Analyzers
  • Flow Meters
  • UV Disinfection Systems
  • Chlorination and pH Adjustment Systems
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Iron and Manganese Removal Systems
  • Systems for Removal of Colour and Turbidity
  • Carbon Filters
  • Membrane and Reverse Osmosis Filters
  • Solutions for Lowering THMs and HAAs
  • Pressure, Temperature and Level Measurement Technologies
  • Pumping Systems, Instrumentation and Industrial Automation and Controls
  • Remote Monitoring Systems

Other Services:

  • Water Treatability Studies and Pilot Testing
  • Flow Studies and Temporary Flow Measurement / Recording
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of Existing Systems
  • General Mechanical Pipework and Installation for Municipal and Industrial Water Systems

24-Hour Emergency & After-Hours Services

We are available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency repairs and after-hours services.

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